Playful Poems That Build Reading Skills

Make reading a natural for your students with these ‘playful poems that build reading skills.’ These are English worksheets applicable for Grades 2 – 4 students.

This worksheet is provided by Teaching Kids to Read and Write, and as mentioned on their website, it contains 20 fun-filled poems with reproducibles that improve reading comprehension, expand vocabulary, teach spelling and more!

Poetry has the wondrous power to make us giggle, imagine, and learn. In fact, most of us were enjoying poetry well before we were able to read it on our own. Your kids are sure to love the poems in Playful Poems That Build Reading Skills. They’ll want to read them again and again, visiting favorite characters who’ll seem like old friends.

Teaching with poetry is easy when you use the Reproducibles provided in this resource. The Teacher Page and Student Activity Pages will help you target and teach the essential languages your kids need to learn reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, phonics, writing, and more. When you and your kids share the poems and activities in these worksheets, you’ll discover animals and people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. And you’ll discover how teaching with poetry celebrates language, excites the imagination, and enlivens your reading and writing program.


Playful Poems That Build Reading Skills


This worksheet (Playful Poems That Build Reading Skills) is provided by Teaching Kids to Read and Write. You can visit their Facebook page and like it while you’re at it. We thank them for sharing this wonderful worksheet to us.

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