Marungko Booklets (Gabay sa Pagbabasa) Part 1 to 5 Free Download

Tara na at matutong magbasa gamit itong mga Marungko Booklets, ang gabay sa pagbabasa na inihanda ni Teacher Kim Dela Cruz.

What is Marungko Approach?

Before downloading the files, let us know more about what Marungko Approach is, in order for us to effectively teach young ones on how to read using this approach.

In a slideshow shared by Manilyn Destacamento, she wrote that having good reading fluency helps a reader to have good comprehension. That is what reading is all about, decoding and comprehension. These are the two cognitive elements of reading.

Comprehension – refers to one’s ability to understand the word or words. Decoding– refers to the child’s ability to recognize written information. “Sounding out” or “Deciphering” is one way of the reader to learn how to read. This is the Marungko Approach in reading.

In this approach of reading the alphabets are rather “pronounced” than read. For example: the letter “m” would be pronounced as “mmm” not the old Pinoy style of reading it as “ma”. Another examples: “s”—- “sss” “l” —- “lll” “n” —- “nnn”

marungko booklets

Marungko Booklets (Gabay sa Pagbabasa)

Marungko Booklets Part 1DOWNLOAD
Marungko Booklets Part 2DOWNLOAD
Marungko Booklets Part 3DOWNLOAD
Marungko Booklets Part 4DOWNLOAD
Marungko Booklets Part 5DOWNLOAD

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Why is reading important?

Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while keeping our minds active. Reading books to help us learn and understand and makes us smarter, not to mention the knowledge, vocabulary and thinking skills we develop.

In the world today where information are abundant, reading books is one of the best ways to be informed. Though reading might seem like simple fun, it can be helping your body and mind without you even realising what is happening. – according to

There is no question that reading is one of the most important skills that each of us must have. If education is the key to success, then reading is the key to education.

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  1. good day po, im mam chie at present iam a grade 1 teacher, since their vacation is coming near, need ko po sana ng marungko booklets para sa aking mga mag aaral para habang naka bakasyon sila ay mayroon din silang mabasa at ng madagdagan ang kanilang kaalaman at matutunan nilang mahalin ang pagbabasa. but i do not know how to download it.pwede po ba akong maka share ng marungko booklet para ma i print ko na lang.thank you and God bless.

    • Good day po Ma’am Chie! Sorry po sa very very late reply, but if you still need the marungko booklets in this post, please do share with us your email, and we can send it there. Again, sorry for the late reply. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    I am a retired grade one teacher po. meron po akong apo na enrolled sa kinder i need materials that will help her begin reading. pwede po bang maka request ng marungko booklet? salamat po sa pagreply.

  3. Good morning,ma’am, pasend din po sa akin a copy of your booklets iprint ko nalng po. I’m a gr 2 tchr it’s very timely that i can use your booklets for remedial lesson for my pupils during our monitoring. thank you and GOD bless!

  4. pwede dn po ba ako humingi ng copy . my anak po ako na 5&4years old .. para po sana may mabasa dn sila habang nasa bahay lng .. salamat po

  5. Maraming marami pong salamat sa pag-share ng mga learning materials na ganito. Sobrang hirap po makahanap ng mga learning materials para sa Filipino! Ito talaga ang kailangan namin. Marami Pong salamat talaga! God bless!

  6. i am a grade two teacher it’s very timely that i can use you booklets for remedial uses for our monitoring.thank you and God Bless po

  7. Very useful po Ito.. Sana nabigyan po ako Ng copy.. I am a grade 1 teacher from division of Palawan.. thank u in advance

  8. hello mam good evening… I am a working mom, at gusto ko po sana maturuan ang aking anak gamit ang approach na to maam, I believe na with this booklets is a big help for my children to learn easily. kung inyo pong marapatin pd hu ba mkahingi ng copya… salamat po

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