WHLP is now WLP (Weekly Learning Plan)

With the expansion of face-to-face classes, a DepEd Order was issued on the 6th of April that changes the Weekly Home Learning Plan (WHLP) to a Weekly Learning Plan (WLP).

What is the Weekly Learning Plan?

The Weekly Learning Plan (WLP) is an outline of home-based activities and classroom-based activities that guides both teachers and learners in the attainment of instructional objectives (e.g., Most Essential Learning Competencies) during face to face classes.

It is a simplified instructional plan that combines the Weekly Home Learning Plan and the Daily Lesson Log/Plan.

Looking for a free WHLP and Modules? CLICK HERE

Guideline for using WLP

To ensure teaching and learning delivery, teachers shall prepare the Weekly Learning Plan (WLP) to provide direction and guidance for both classroom-based and home-based activities.

They shall determine strategies to address immediate gaps to ensure the transition from distance learning to classroom based instruction.

Teachers handling face-to-face classes shall prepare only the WLP as an instructional guide.

Each learner shall be provided with a copy of WLP to serve as their guide for learning tasks that should be done at home when they are on distance learning.

Samples of Weekly Learning Plans are provided in the DepEd Order. Click the link below to download.

DOWNLOAD DO_s2022_017

With the title of “guidelines on the progressive expansion of face-to-face classes,” this DepEd Order shall “focus on mechanisms in establishing a safe school learning environment to better support the teaching and learning process as well as ensuring safe operations of schools.”


Source/Reference: DepEd



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