English Worksheet containing Phonics, Digraphs and CVC Words

Beautiful English worksheet containing phonics, digraphs and CVC words. Though it is in black & white, but your students will surely fall in love with this worksheet.

What are Phonics?

Phonics is a method for teaching people how to read and write an alphabetic language. It is done by demonstrating the relationship between the sounds of the spoken language, and the letters or groups of letters or syllables of the written language. This is also known as the Alphabetic principle or the Alphabetic code.

What are Digraphs?

A digraph or digram is a pair of characters used in the orthography of a language to write either a single phoneme, or a sequence of phonemes that does not correspond to the normal values of the two characters combined.

What are CVC Words?

A CVC word is made up of a consonant, vowel, and consonant sound. When a vowel is followed by a consonant, it is a closed syllable and makes the vowel say its sound. Cat is an example of a CVC word. Each letter makes its sound and is therefore decodable and easy for a beginning reader to sound out. Dog, big, pot, sun, and bag are also examples of CVC words.

Definitions are taken from wikipedia.org and misskindergarten.com

English Worksheet containing Phonics, Digraphs and CVC Words


This worksheet (English Worksheet containing Phonics, Digraphs and CVC Words) is provided by Teaching Kids to Read and Write. You can visit their Facebook page and like it while you’re at it. We thank them for sharing this wonderful worksheet to us.

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