Foundational Worksheets for English Free Download

In this post, we will share to you our Foundational Worksheets for English that we created by using the online app called Canva. These worksheets are all free-to-download as per our commitment in providing better education to our nation.

Foundational Worksheets for English

If you wanna download the worksheets, scroll down below. But, if you wanna read what we think about these worksheets and learning as a whole, then you might wanna continue reading. Lots of love from Teacher Tayo admins.

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A friend of mine always say that a strong foundation is the key to creating a long-term success. I firmly believe that. To me, it is akin to building a house.

No matter how sturdy the woods you use, or expensive the cements are if your house is built upon a sand or a mud, it will eventually collapse and crumble, sooner or later. But if it is build over a good location, then trust me, it will last for years.

Most of the successful people that I know attributes their success to a good foundation, specially reading.

Take Bill Gates as an example, he reads 50 books a year. That is equivalent to 1 book a week. And now he is one of the richest man in the planet, but of course reading wasn’t the only reason.

Warren Buffett who currently has a net worth of more than a hundred billion US dollars advices us to “read, and read, and read.”

We created these foundational worksheets with the purpose that learning is a fun activity for everyone and not just a thing we do at school. We want kids to love reading, writing and learning, and have fun in doing it.

Most kids these days spend their time playing mobile games and watching Youtube. If it’s for educational purposes then it’s okay, but if not, then they will get addicted to it until they grow up.

Based on personal experiences, we spend more time for stuffs that are more fun and engaging. Making these worksheets, we made sure to keep that in mind so that kids that will use our worksheets will not be bored and instead ask for more, building up a solid foundation for them.

The question is, where will this foundation gonna be built? Of course, at home. A strong foundation at home sets you up for a strong foundation at school, work and life.

They say that your teachers in school are your second parents. In fact, if we think about it, they are also our second teachers. Because everything starts at home. You started walking at home. You started learning how to speak, read and write at home.

Which is why we created these “Foundational Worksheets for English” to aid parents in teaching their kids at home.

Foundational Worksheets for English

1. Days of the Week Foundational Worksheets for English

This worksheet teaches kids the seven days of the week and 12 months of the year by making them trace each letter to spell out the day or month.

Directions: Trace the letters to spell out the days/ months.


2. Finding Letters Foundational Worksheets for English

This worksheet is for spotting letters in a given row. With this method, kids will be able to use visual memorization making it easier for them to memorize all the letters of the alphabet.

Direction: Spot the letters. Look at the letter on the left and circle the same letters on the row.


3. Identifying Objects Foundational Worksheets for English

This worksheet is a coloring activity for improving comprehension. Kids will identify what is being asked and then color the corresponding illustration.

Direction: Identifying objects. Read the sentences and color the correct object.


4. Letter Sequence Foundational Worksheets for English

Learning the alphabet is one of the first things we teach to our kids for them to be able to speak and write. With this worksheet, it will help kids to build up their memory regarding the alphabet. A bit tricky for the little ones but will prove to be helpful once mastered.

Direction: What letter is next, in between, and what comes before? Look at the following letters and write down what you think is next, in between, or what comes before in the circle.


5. Number Writing Foundational Worksheets for English

Teach kids how to write numbers the easy way. This worksheet is for tracing numbers 0 up to 9.

Direction: Tracing Numbers. Trace the numbers in the boxes.


6. Objects in School Foundational Worksheets for English

Colorful pictures, trace the names of the picture and then write it. A simple worksheet for learning how to write.

In this worksheet, kids will identify the things they see in school, at home, the animals at the zoo and the fruits that we eat before they trace and write it.

Direction: Trace the words then write them in the space next to it.


7. Tracing Letters Foundational Worksheets for English

In this worksheet, our kids will be tracing all the 26 letters of the alphabet, from a to z, and we added numbers as well.

Direction: Practice writing the alphabet/ numbers by tracing the letters/ numbers below.


8. Word Scramble Foundational Worksheets for English

In this simple worksheet, kids will unscramble the letters to spell the name of the objects given correctly.

Direction: Letter mix-up. Unscramble the letters to spell the word correctly.


Admins Note: Thank you for downloading our worksheets. These are all free to download but for personal usage only. If you want to share these on your social media or websites, then you can email us,, or send us a message through our Facebook page.

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